A Devotion to Defeat Communism

Internal & External Links Related to the Holy Face Devotion’s Promise to Defeat Communism:


The Holy Face ‘Face-off’ with Communism

Holy Face: Reparation or Chastisement? The Choice is Ours

A Saint Who Faught the Freemasons Has the Battle Plan against Today’s Dictatorship

The Holy Face WILL Conquer Communism | FATIMA: Why the Time is Now! – David Rodríguez, Director for The Fatima Center

Not Pertaining to the Holy Face Directly but of General Interest to the Topic of Communism and Its Infiltration:

Quo Vadis; St. John Paul II and His Prophetic 1976 Warning of the Final Confrontation

Fr. Ripperger: Spiritual Warfare and Communism

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