About Me

Relic of Sister Saint Pierre, made from her hair and clothing, sent from the Carmelite monastery to her (only) surviving sibling , my great-great grandfather

In my humble defense, I graduated summa cum laude, with highest distinction in philosophy and was awarded “outstanding student of philosophy” from the University of Illinois in 1991. I delayed in pursuing post-graduate studies in theology, however, and eventually opted for marriage and a large family in lieu of a doctorate.

Though I have spent my life reading Catholic history, theology, and spirituality, as well as the lives of the Saints, I do not have the usual credentials to write on such a subject as the Holy Face Devotion: I do not have a doctorate in theology, I have not published, I am not a nun, nor am I a mystic. I realize that I appear a very unlikely candidate for this endeavor! My only “credentials” are my blood relation to Sister St. Pierre, who received the revelations from Christ regarding the devotion, and my inexorable feeling of urgency and passion in re-introducing the messages therein.

My jewels in this life and (hopefully) the next are my loving husband and five children. I am happily devoted to them and have been homeschooling for thirteen years. I did not, therefore, easily decide upon writing about Reparation to the Holy Face as a second vocation, but it has become a labor of dutiful passion, yet surprising joy, such that I can no longer imagine my life without the knowledge and devotion–as well as the friendships–that I have already gained in the process.

A united faith and reason have brought me to this journey. I have gradually become convinced that the devotion is meant ever more for our era than even for that in which the revelations were first given, the original “best and worst of times.” Christ revealed, regarding the revelations given to Sister St. Pierre, that the most beautiful work under the sun is about to begin, while also demanding that this reparation be made, implying our role in better times to come, imploring our role in the salvation of men!

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