Defacing the Holy Face of Christ

French firefighters at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes July 18, 2020.  (

The Grave Offense to God of the Desecration of Sacred Churches & Iconography Is Tantamount to Defacing the Holy Face of Christ

The Nantes Cathedral in France is the latest in a series of anti-Catholic violence by arsonists and vandals in Europe. In America, too, Catholic property and statues have been desecrated in Queens, Boston, Sacramento, Chattanooga, Miami, and Ocala in recent weeks. What ends could be sought by such destruction of Catholic churches and iconography, tantamount to defacing the Holy Face of Christ?[1]

The likely goal is to strike fear in the hearts of the faithful, and specifically in recent days, the Catholic faithful. This Marxist terrorism appears to be a statement of rejection concerning divine law as preserved in the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Such evident love of anarchy and hatred for authority is consequently going to the heart of the matter by profaning sacred Catholic spaces.[2]

Blasphemy is among the most heinous crimes of mankind against God since it represents a desire to mock God and His authority, while embracing that of man’s. Ultimately, this rejection of the part that God and the Church play in morality is essentially the problem of relativism in which each person decides for himself his own morality, making of himself a god.

Revelations of Christ to Sister St. Pierre in Response to a Time of Heightened Iniquity

Our Lord has had a lot to say about such acts. There are, of course, the first three commandments which have to do with right conduct toward God by man. They forbid atheism, the profanation of Sunday, and blasphemy in all their manifestations. In more recent times, Christ revealed to Sister St. Pierre the unparalleled offense that these sins give to the Holy Trinity and how these offenses have reached a heightened degree of iniquity since the French Revolution.[3] Evidently, man is still in this unsurpassed time of immorality, for his crimes against the Godhead have hardly waned.

Reparation Via the Golden Arrow Prayer

God requested through these (Church approved) revelations to Sister St. Pierre a method by which He wished modern man to “repair” these heinous offenses via the prayers and practices of the Holy Face Devotion.[4] While more of a spirituality than devotion, specific prayers of reparation to draw the grace of conversion for the masses are given. Perhaps the best known, the “Golden Arrow” prayer, was revealed to Sister St. Pierre as delightfully wounding the Sacred Heart, pouring forth graces for sinners:

May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and ineffable Name of God, be forever praised, blessed, loved, adored, and glorified, in heaven, on earth, and in hell,[5]  by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.[7]

Our Lord to Sister St. Pierre: the Holy Face Devotion Is a New Work to Repair Crimes of Modern Society

Our Lord no less than demands that mankind take part in this effort of reparation for sins against the Godhead in the revelations he gave to Sister St. Pierre. He gives mankind a modern role to play in co-redemption, a new work whose object is to repair crimes of modern society.[6] The Reparation is “intimately allied to the great Work of the Redemption and is [consequently] the most noble and the most necessary work of our times.”[7] The Work of Reparation is an offering by man to the Father of the most adorable and dolorous Face of Jesus in reparation for sins against the first three commandments. Christ’s merits and love are infinitely more pleasing to the Father than man’s. In the Father’s pleasure at the Face of Christ, He has pity on man’s face, disfigured by sin, and pours forth graces for the conversion of sinners, accordingly.

Our Lord to Sister St. Pierre: Reparation to the Holy Face Is “The Most Beautiful Work on the Face of the Earth” & “the Greatest Source of Grace, Next to the Sacraments”

As revealed to Sister St. Pierre, the Holy Face Devotion is a most efficacious tool for man to do his part in reclaiming all for Christ. Our Lord describes the wounded Holy Face, object of adoration in the Work of Reparation, as the greatest source of grace second to the Sacraments.[8] As an extension of Christ’s Redemption, man is to participate in this effort to repair for offenses against the Godhead, while drawing down graces for the conversion of the masses. Our Lord described this Work of Reparation as the most beautiful work that has yet appeared on the face of the earth![9]

The Holy Face Devotion is a most noble work toward “the glory of God and the salvation of souls,”[10] designed by Our Lord for the current era, a time inclined toward desecrating the sacred, which, according to the revelations,[11] is woefully equivalent to defacing anew the most holy and adorable Face of Jesus Christ.

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[5] Ibid., 127. Our Lord related to Sister St. Pierre that blasphemy wounds His Heart “more than all other crimes,” an empoisoned dagger, wounding His Divine Heart continually. He wished to give a “golden dagger,” the Golden Arrow Prayer, as a means to “wound him delightfully and [to] heal the poisonous wounds caused by sin.”

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  3. Great to hear from a direct relative of Sr. Mary of St. Peter.
    I am already involved in promoting the Holy Face Devotions in Ireland.

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    Arise O Lord let Your enemies be scattered and let those that hate You flee before your Face. Admirable is the Name of God.

  6. Arise O God and let the Light of The Holy Face shine upon us and let Your enemies be scattered before Thee. The Lord our God is King forever. Amen

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