Joan of Arc: ‘Unlikely,’ Maiden Saviors of France—and Catholicism Pt. 1

Saint or Sorceress? A century after her canonization, most people today have only a cursory knowledge of St. Joan of Arc, yet there remains a strangely binary predisposition to either love or hate her. This began nearly six hundred years ago with the onset of her most extraordinary role in the liberation of France fromContinue reading “Joan of Arc: ‘Unlikely,’ Maiden Saviors of France—and Catholicism Pt. 1”

The Holy Face ‘Face-off’ with Communism

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Moa [Paradox of the Day/] Communism Is the Deadliest Ideology To borrow from Dr.Paul Kengor’s book title on the subject, communism is “the killingest idea ever.”[1] Indeed, no other ideology is as deadly, slaughtering an estimated, nearly one hundred million people to date. Victims span Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia,Continue reading “The Holy Face ‘Face-off’ with Communism”

Defacing the Holy Face of Christ

French firefighters at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes July 18, 2020.  ( The Grave Offense to God of the Desecration of Sacred Churches & Iconography Is Tantamount to Defacing the Holy Face of Christ The Nantes Cathedral in France is the latest in a series of anti-Catholic violence by arsonists andContinue reading “Defacing the Holy Face of Christ”

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