Communism as Chastisement: Reparation as Remedy

The Russia-Ukraine War appears the latest realization of what was foretold in the Holy Face Revelations, notably prior to the publication of Karl Marx’s Manifesto: Communism is both the enemy of God and an allowed chastisement by Heaven as punishment for unprecedented, modern sins of blasphemy. The revelations are a precursor to the warnings ofContinue reading “Communism as Chastisement: Reparation as Remedy”

The Holy Face ‘Face-off’ with Communism

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Moa [Paradox of the Day/] Communism Is the Deadliest Ideology To borrow from Dr.Paul Kengor’s book title on the subject, communism is “the killingest idea ever.”[1] Indeed, no other ideology is as deadly, slaughtering an estimated, nearly one hundred million people to date. Victims span Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia,Continue reading “The Holy Face ‘Face-off’ with Communism”

Defacing the Holy Face of Christ

French firefighters at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes July 18, 2020.  ( The Grave Offense to God of the Desecration of Sacred Churches & Iconography Is Tantamount to Defacing the Holy Face of Christ The Nantes Cathedral in France is the latest in a series of anti-Catholic violence by arsonists andContinue reading “Defacing the Holy Face of Christ”